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Dance is for EVERYONE. It is a way to communicate. Trust me I know!

I moved to America from Colombia at age 5. Didn't speak a word of English. The only way I felt comfortable relating to other kids was through dance. It was a feeling of freedom and joy! I would like to share that same feeling with you! 

> I am uncoordinated. If you have never done something before, of course you are uncoordinated! Repetition and being open are the only ways to get coordinated. 

> I am uncomfortable dancing with others. You aren't alone! It's like the first day of school, or a new job. It's uncomfortable in the beginning. Then it gets comfortable. It gets easier. I am here to guide you through it. 

> I need to make (insert excuse) happen before I can dance. Whatever that excuse was, myHipHopFit is the answer. Want to lose weight? Want more flexibility? Want to be stronger? Dance is the answer. 

Beginners Course

Learn It

I will show you the basic steps and move combinations so you understand choreography. I will teach you the Focus Point Method to turn your core into a powerhouse.

This isn't just about learning some badass moves. This is about living a healthier lifestyle. Learn to change your mindset about food, body image, and rest. 

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"I gained so much strength and confidence! I took away how important the "Focus Point Method" for Inner core training truly is! I also enjoyed learning the different styles of hiphop movement technique I never realized how many there were! Finally learning how to properly warm up was huge! Jeannie makes it all easy to learn!"

Tiffany Hussey

On Demand

Love It

If you already have a foundation in dance, let's get into it! On Demand has a guided video library based on the results you are looking for.

You will also have access to Live Stream workouts 5 days a week including HIITHop! Strengthen and sculpt with my 30-minute body blasting HIIT.  

Let's shake it!

"The music gives me an opportunity to let myself be free a little, Jeannie's energy and the intensity of the class lets me whoop my ass into shape and the dancing with its complexity forces me to use my brain especially when you are tired, it is cerebral."

Erin Trauger

Instructor Training

Teach It

Calling all inspired instructors interested in teaching hip hop fitness as a new generation of instructors who change lives from the inside out!
This 8-hour course is for those who are passionate about enhancing their lives through hip hop dance and fitness and sharing this science and art with others.  
Be ready to learn anatomy and physiology, planes of movement, and the science behind our core training method, the focus point method coupled with the art of hip hop dance from basic moves to advanced grooves as well as our instructor blueprint for success! You will learn the mechanics, apply them in the practical and work your way to mastering being a creator of hip hop fitness movement! Not only will you be an inspired instructor, but you will also inspire others to choose health as a way of living!
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"JeannieFit the creator gave me the tools and laid out a detailed outline on how to instruct a class. She coached me when I needed it and the program gave me freedom to use a mic, keep the choreo fresh and play popular music!"

Jarrod Madara