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Creator of MyHipHopFit  

   I am JeannieFit your AB building fat torching trainer who brings hip hop fitness to you!  My purpose is to enhance lives through dance, fitness and wellness. I helped thousands of people learn how to hip hop dance and get fit doing it with myhiphopFit and my focus point method for inner core training. This is where cardio, core and choreography unite to create a world class workout full of energy that yields results! What sets this workout apart is the intention to challenge your mind, move your body and captivate your soul as every playlist incorporates authentic hip hop dance moves to popular music all while using the focus point method for inner core training! The energy is insane and the results are even better! You will love it, learn it and maybe one day teach it!

  I have been teaching hip hop fitness since 2002 and in 2009 I became an AFAA continuing education provider helping instructors follow their passion of teaching hip hop fitness. Since then I have traveled the country bringing my energy and movement to help people enhance their lives through hip hop fitness and wellness! I have had amazing opportunities to appear on morning shows, be a part of Oprah’s 24th season kick off party, work with NASA, featured on music videos, train professional athletes, train trainers, ryka ambassador, lead as a wellness champion and speak at fitness festivals, expos, conferences.

Now I look forward to training you through my live streams, courses and programs to reach your goals in a safe, effective and fun way!


More about how I got here.

My first love was dance! I loved the artistry and more so the feeling of using your body to express music! Very early on I realized dancing was a way I could communicate! We moved from Colombia to the U.S. when I was 4. I had to learn how to communicate because I could not speak English and my safe language was dance! I went on to study dance all through my school-aged year and was determined to be a professional ballerina and then I was introduced to my first hip hop dance class! This is where my dancing evolved! Up to that point I had performed on cruise ships, won many regional and national dance awards, and was an apprentice to a ballet company getting ready for my first summer dance intensive.

Then tragedy struck.

My mom fell in our house and became disabled. She could no longer walk. This brought back horrible memories of my dad's heart attack when I was 9. I looked back at my life and all the times I was hospitalized, labeled and given a pill or surgery to help my issues. It was apparent that myself and my family were unhealthy.

Fast forward to today.

I am a mom of 4 amazing boys. Balancing a life that promotes health and wellness and enhancing the lives of others through Myhiphopfit! I also have a wonderfully supportive husband, Dr. Dan Martingano, who shares this awesome life with me. I have been featured on T.V, Film, print, and Worldwide conferences as a professional choreographer, dancer, fitness expert, and ambassador for dance, health, and wellness.

What was the change?

Finding my power.

I met my husband in 2002 in Madrid, Spain while I was in college. He exposed me to the philosophy that  "wellness lies within." I gained my power back once I realized I was designed to heal from above down inside out and I wasn't doomed to disease. I started implementing lifestyle changes and more so I put my faith in my body and its perfect design and gained my health back. Once I was able to change my mindset and start believing, my life changed forever. This gave me the confidence to continue dancing and get fit doing it!

I was able to grow my business by helping more people. Teaching classes, doing instructor training, guest appearances and dancing with the best.

Growing my family and becoming a mother made me rethink how I wanted my business to look. Now I get to crush it every single day on the Live Stream. I get to bring my Focus Point Method  for core training to you in your home.

Working out with everyone online and getting responses back from my emails energizes me. Knowing that you are there, and working hard on your end too pushes me to give you more.

It can be intimidating to start something new: a new job, parenting, a big move, or a lifestyle. It can be even harder to take a leap of faith and find your power. The great part about myHipHopFit? I am here to guide you through it. I've been there and I understand. Being fit is not about how great you can dance or how many push ups you can do its about believing in yourself and your innate ability to heal back stronger! From there the lifestyle changes are easy because working out will be fun and this will cause a snowball effect as I inspire you to be the best version of you! The confidence you gain from being fit and doing it in a fun way is the best of both worlds. It might be awkward at first, but so is your first date. So don't let that hold you back.


Contact Me: [email protected] 

Text @jfcrew to 81010


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