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Progress Over Perfection!

I love the saying "progress over perfection."

There was a time, not too long ago, when my goal was to perfect everything hence my obsession with having a six pack at all times. Even during pregnancy??? πŸ™„  I was so focused on perfection that it paralyzed me. Little things paralyzed me. 

I didn't want to write emails because my writing had typos. I didn't want to speak to people because I sound like a kid.  I didn't want to post on social media what I feed my family because I might disturb vegans.  I had reached a point where my desire to share who I am and what I do was spilling out and I couldn't hold back back, yet my will power and commitment to perfection was holding me back. 😬 The obsession with perfection came to an end when I decided to live stream and hurricane Irma hit. Finally I go for it and a natural disaster hit and zero connectivity. UGH.... 😱 I got the message!

Slowly I am learning to let go of perfection and embrace "PROGRESS." Its not a new lesson to me. Its a lesson for us overachievers, the change makers in the world, the moms, creators, the teachers the inspired people!  Does that sound familiar to you? Do you feel the same way? If so you and I have similar things in common.

I invite you to join me in progression over perfection as a daily practice! For me progress over perfection starts within and my preferred place is in class. So jump on the live stream, replays and progress your fitness and hip hop dance skills with me! 

Oh and by the way you are are perfectly imperfect  which is what makes you PERFECT! 😱Think about it!